Starting Kendo Club

by Adrian French
(NSW, Australia)

There is no Kendo school/club for about 350km. I was studying Kendo about 12 years ago (for about 2 years training 6 hours per week) and really want to start some sort of training.

My son wants me to take him through the basics. We have hired a hall and make sure the basics are fully known and understood before anything else (etiquette, breathing etc).

Since we started 4 other people want me to train them. I was a martial arts basic techniques instructor about 16 years ago and I am a teacher at a local high school.

Should I officially start up a Kendo Club? I don't have any formal qualification in Kendo. Is it enough for me to follow your online program and instruct from you teachings?

Thank you

Answers: Thank you for your question and sorry about the delay of my reply. I’ve been suffering from back pains.

I think you should start a club. I don’t say following my videos is good enough because it is not. You need someone to correct you. With or without my videos, you should.

Here is my reason behind it.

Don’t know any regulations of Australian Kendo Federation, but if you start up a kendo club, you will belong to the federation. Well, you should.

Once you become a member of the federation, you can participate in their seminars or whatever the events they have, especially seminars.

Support you can get from the federation will be great. So you should contact Australian Kendo Federation or regional federation right away. Go and contact NSW Kendo Association. And you can use my videos when you need some assistance.

Good luck!

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