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by Doc
(Kindred, ND)

I would like to host Kendo classes twice a week for up to 20 students in a dojo that is not yet built. My question is how much square footage do I need for the main area? Also, how much time should I block out for a decent class? I've played with a Kendo class and I know you take it very seriously and would like it to be an addition to my "line-up". Thank you for your help.


Answer: Thank you for your question. To be honest with you, I cannot give you an exact number. I need to guess since I don’t have a dojo myself. If you want to have 20 people working out together with two lines, then maybe you need at least 1800 square foot (??).

Our dojo is about 9 m x 6 m =54 square meter so it’s about 580 square foot. And we can train 10 people. 12 and 14 people at our dojo is pretty tight, especially for free sparring.

Through my experience, you probably want to have 1.5 hours for a good training. Of course, it depends on what you want to do per class. In the pre-pandemic era, we used to do 30 min kata and one hour of kendo practice with shinai. Now we do 1 hour practice; 15 min of kata and 45 min kendo with shinai. After more than one year of no practice during the pandemic, many people get tired quickly. So, everyone focuses on learning/improving one thing per training.

Hope this helps.

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