Spine-related diseases in kendo

by Olga

I've got a question about general diseases in Kendo, not injuries.

Probably it is a kind of coincidence but in our group we have about 20-30% of all group members having similar problems with spine.  Low-back pain and osteochondrosis are common.  In one case it even leaded to a surgery.

Probably all those problems are common among people at all nowadays.  But maybe you have got some statistics data about spine-related diseases in kendo.  Or maybe some of us do something wrong (e.g. incorrect jumps) that leads to an aggravation and that kind of behaviour is well known in Japan, for example.

In your article about Kendo and Health > Common Injuries it is said that "If you try to straighten your back too much, you will tend to have a back pain."  But probably it is a temporary pain.

In this question I mean the diseases, some physical changes in spine that kendo or some incorrect movements in kendo may lead to.

Answer:  I looked it up in a Japanese dictionary but still could not understand what it was! That means I do not have an answer for your question.  I will ask one of my friends to take a look at your question and see what he says.  Thank you

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