Solo practice with tachi

by Agchan
(South Korea)

Is Kendo kata with tachi (bokken), as a solo practice, a part of the regular kendo training? Or is it performed only in training in pairs? If so, on what stage does it begin?

Answer: There is no particular stage to start kata.  You may want to know the real basic stuff such as etiquette and manners, how to hold, draw and put away a sword (bokutō in this case).
Now kata is designed to practice as a pair. However, you can practice it by yourself.

When practicing on your own, you have to create an image of a partner (opponent) in your head. Kata is a form of learning techniques without hitting each other.

Through kata, we learn ma-ai (distance), rhythm and timing (of techniques as well as your partner’s movements) and breathing.

Through kata, we learn a bunch of stuff so it is a good idea to have a partner when you can.

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