Snapping (left) achilles tendon

by Haydar

"Snapping (left) Achilles tendon. Since the left leg is used to kick the floor to jump forwards, snapping the left Achilles tendon is a common kendo injury. I snapped mine."

I wonder if you could help me by giving me some advice regarding injuries you had as above.

I have been practising Kendo over a year. After a few weeks later I have had the same problem with my left Achilles tendon.

At time, I had no idea what was happening to me. I thought it would pass and cure itself after a while. I have had a few physio therapy with no result.

I am still having treatment including acupuncture and few exercises to go with it in hospital. I doubt it will do any good.

To cut it short the story, how did you deal with yours what was the cure for it?

Many Thanks



Answer: Thanks for your question. Did you snap your Achilles tendon? Or just hurting? I had a surgery. Did you?

It seems like it varies. One of my flat mates snapped his a week after I snapped mine. I think his one was worse. I think his Achilles tendon is still stiff, while mine is fine.

I did not do anything special. I did exactly what you are doing now. Well, I did not have acupuncture.

You should listen to your doctor and physio-therapist. That's first. If you think they are not doing a good job, then probably you should get new people.

When I got back into kendō after the injury, my left leg was still weak. So I started taking jodan. It was a nice opportunity for me to develop new skills and gives me different perspectives. I was 3-dan back then.

Even if you don't want to take jodan, you can switch your foot positions. This is the beauty of kendō. It is frustrating first because you are not used to the foot work but then when you learn it you can do many other things others cannot do.

Sorry that I could not be helpful on this one. If it hurts, stop doing whatever you are doing. You don't want to make it worse.

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