Slow opponents or slow motion?


I have been meaning to ask you this that had been troubling me for a while.

I do practice kendo for almost 6 years and I'm 2nd Dan. After these long years, I have developed a weird ability that helps me see the opponents of where and how they'd attack (I even could predict them sometimes).

The opponents are really fast for everyone, but for me it's kind of a bit slow. Imagine everyone seeing them as 100% fast and me seeing them as 75% fast. How's that possible?

Is this ability common to you guys?

Despite the fact that I can "see" them, I can't act as fast as possible due of my body problems I had in the past.

Literally, only my mind got strengthened, but not in my body's case.



Answer: Tanno, thank you very much for your question and I am so sorry about the delay of my response. I thought I responded already. My apology.

I think you got used to kendo and improved. That is probably why. And you will soon (or already experienced) experience that you get struck even though you see your opponent coming. Those sensei over 70 years old or 80 years old can strike you like that.

Hope this helps.

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