Shoulder injury

by Auke de Jong
(Meppel, The Netherlands)

I am having trouble with curing a so called injury at my AC-joint.

The pain is getting less but to my opinion it could be a very common kendo-injury.

So my question is: What can be done to recover from this and can it be completely cured?

Answer: I am not sure if it is cured perfectly. You should consult with your doctor. I cannot give you medical advice since I am not a doctor.

I can share my experience, though.

 I have the same problem and was told that I would need an operation to get rid of the pain.

I learned how to live with injuries after snapping the left Achilles tendon, tearing the ACL and MCL (the left knee) and fracture of the spinous process besides my shoulder problem.

Now my left shoulder hurts when I am just standing. So basically I am not supposed to do kendo.

I can tell you what you should do.

Rest and fix it before it gets worse.

Especially if you’re planning to do kendo for the rest of your life, you have to rest and fix it.  I know you want to train but if you are only making it worse.

I injured my left shoulder when I was 15 (1988).  21 years later (as of 2009), my shoulder doesn’t want to function properly because I didn’t take care of it in the right manner when it happened.

See this as an opportunity given to you to make your shoulder stronger.  Don’t get too frustrated about not being able to practice kendo.

You may have to take six months off from kendo, but it’s much better than not being able to do kendo at all.

I want you to choose 6 months off. And come back to kendo.

Hope this helps.

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