Shinsa question

by Kumdo

I'll prepare myself for nidan shinsa in few months, and I would like to know something.

If the opponent always attacks me, what should I do? I mean, do I need to take my time (like I usually do in keiko) or attack him without thinking? In nidan I think we must show more "reflective" kendo, and seme.

Thank you for your help.

Answer: You should be able to show that you know what you are doing. As reference, All Japan Kendo Federation says that those who challenge 2-dan must show that they’ve acquired the basics of kendō and their techniques must be better than good.

So if your opponent keeps hitting you even when he should not, then your opponent will look bad. You should be able to do counterattack or strike when your opponent is done striking.

If you get a really bad opponent and cannot show your own kendo, then it is too bad. That happens. Try to show what you can do. In other words,

Do what always do in shinsa. If you try to do what you don’t usually do in shinsa, it is quite likely that you will mess up your kendo.

Hope this helps.

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