Shinai size in comparison to the wielder's height, age, and weight.

by Ryan Mobley
(Manlius, NY, USA)

I have seen the chart for shinai sizes in comparison to the wielder's height, weight, and age.  However, I was wondering two things. 

First of all, you said the heights and weights in cm and grams, which makes me wonder if the sizes might be different for people of, for example, the United States of America, as we have our system. 

Also, if we do not fit accurately into a group, what characteristic should we use to determine the shinai one uses.

Answer: Thanks for the question.

Basically we use Japanese old measurement "shaku" and "sun". So 39 means three "shaku" and nine "sun", which is equivalent to 120cm. Please refer to "Kendo Stick: Shinai"

Actually, this measurement is quite similar to American system.

1 shaku = 30.3cm

1 foot = 30.48cm

1 sun = 3.03cm

1 inch = 2.54cm (this is a bit different but not a super huge difference).

We do not use the Japanese old system for the weight but you should be able to convert grams to American weight system.

If you want to convert, type like "480 g lbs" in google search box. You will get the answer right away.

The shinai length and weight are divided into age groups. These lengths and weights in the chart at Kendo Stick: Shinai are not those of people (wielders). They are shinai's.

So you should fit in to one group.

If you have a kid younger than 6 years old, then you should get shorter shinai than 32 depending on their height.  I have seen a 29 shinai somewhere once.

Since these kids are unlikely to be in a "tournament", I suggest to have them use a shinai that fits their height.

Hope this helps.

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