Shinai problem

by Agi

Hi sensei! I just bought my first shinai few days ago, but it seems it has some problem here. 1 out of 4 staves have a bad shape, it's not straight but kinda facing a bit to the left, making the shinai like it's bend.

At first I thought it's warped, but after disassemble and check it the only one warped is just 1 staff, the other one has a bad shape (the makers probably make mistake during cutting and shaping it, it's not straight but curved a bit to the left instead unlike the other 3 staves).

Is it safe to use this shinai? Since it's not straight, and idk maybe I can use heat gun to bend it but I doubt since the main problem is the cut-out shape itself.

Answer: Thank you for your question! You shouldn’t be using that shinai. You will hurt your kendo mates. How did you get it? You had to order online?

Some shinai is intentionally bent to imitate a katana. But it is hard to say that the one you got is that. Do you have a picture?

If you have a website of the shop you purchased from you can share it with us online.

Most importantly, if you have a doubt, don’t use it. It is not about the shinai, it is about your training partners. You don’t want to hurt them.

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