Shinai maintenance

by Polar bear
(Europe )

Hello, I have a question.

We are having a debate in the dojo on the shinai maintenance.

Some of us we check our shinai after every practice, some do it once a week and they are others who cheek once a month.

Can you help us to prove who is right and who isn't?

So thank you in advance for your help.

Answer: Thank you for your question. My answer to your question is ALL THE TIME.

You must check your shinai before, during and after your training and you must fix your shinai right away when you see even a tiny splinter.

Reason: Checking shinai is to protect your training partners. If your shinai is broken, has even a tiny splinter, you might hurt your kendō friend.

A tiny splinter might get into your friend’s eye. I do not think you want to blind your kendō mate.

One time I found a 3cm long splinter in my forearm. Yes, it was in my forearm. It did not hurt so I did not know it was there. But after training, I realized it and had to pull it out of my forearm. I should have taken a photo.

Kendō is relatively safe but if you use a broken shinai, it won’t be safe at all. So you must check your shinai ALL THE TIME.

It is not for you. It is for your training partners.

And of course, if you are a kenshi, you should take a good care of your sword.

Hope this helps.

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