Shinai lengths

I was just wondering about the regulations of the shinais...I have a feeling the 37 shinai is slightly too long for me...(college+ category) is it permissible to shorten it as long as it stays above the weight limit? How do I know which size and length of the shinai is suitable for me?

Answer: It is said that the right shinai size is from the floor to your armpit. This measurement method is usually used for little kids though. The shinai length is regulated by age group. 37 is for junior high school students (from 13 years old to 15 years old).

Even though there are no strict regulations of shinai length in training, we should stick to the length decided by Shiai Rules and Regulations. That means you can use a shorter shinai in training, but you have to follow the regulations if you want to participate in competitions.

There is a table to show shinai length and weight by different age groups at Shinai Adjustment: How to Make Shinai Shorter.

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