Shinai, Bokken, and Suburito: What should I use each for?

by James

I have a Shinai, Bokken, and Suburito, but I only use my shinai for practice, because I figured that students should only be using Shinai. I read that suburito are used to strengthen the arms, and bokken are used for kata. What should I use each for?

Answer: If you train with a partner and actually hit the targets, you do not want to use bokken (bokuto) or suburito. You only use a shinai for this.

Bokuto is used for kata as well as suburi. Bokuto is good for suburi because you can actually see the angle of the blade.

Shinai is used for training (with partners) and suburi.

You are right about suburito. But unless you have established a good cutting form, you do not want to use a suburito. Please refer to these articles about suburito.

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