Shall we economise energy during kirikaeshi on exams

by Olga

Shall we economise energy during kirikaeshi on exams

I've noticed that the most exhaustive training for me is kirikaeshi. I absolutely get tired after some series of kirikaeshi. That is ok when it is a training. But what about exams, when you have to show kirikaeshi and then uchikomi or kakari geiko?

Does that mean that I have to try to economise my energy during showing kirikaeshi on exams to be able perform well in uchikomi after kirikaeshi and not to pant?

(I've also noticed that I get much more tired if I try to shout very loud and long, as loud and long as I can. So I'm afraid if I do that during exam I probably will not be able to continue well. So the only way I see now is to economise energy.)

Answer: After years of practice, you should be able to “control” your breathing.

Being loud in each strike is for very beginners; those who don’t know what kiai is and have to learn how to breathe.

What we must know is that by shouting we fulfil ourselves with energy. That energy is known as “ki”. So we are training our ki by shouting a lot.

Our strike should not be only valid but be filled with strong ki. So as long as you show strong kiai before strike, while striking and in zanshin, you should not shout as loud as you can.

All the judges will know the level of examinees at the moment they take chudan. So the examinees should do their best without thinking about “strategies” too much.

The most important thing is to show your kendo and your kendo is the level of what you are testing for.

If you think your kendo will be totally ruined after kirikaeshi in the exam, then try to "tone down". But it does not mean your energy level goes down. You know?

Hope this helps.

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Jun 17, 2010
not thinking but doing
by: Olga

You know, I probably was thinking too much :)

Everything happened like you've written here. Since you try to show the strong ki there is no such problem, I noticed. May be I was not doing my best at training and didn't understand that.

During exams I forgot about ?strategies? at all and after grading I was told that my kiai was the loudest and I performed very well. So probably we should not think during exams but showing our kendo as you have written here. Thank you for a good answer.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for your comment and you?re very welcome. Now you know you are on the right track :)

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