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Oct 17, 2009
Make your own custom
by: viany cin hiong

This is a very interesting topic I guess. So I?d like to make some comment by sharing my experience.

As Imafuji Sensei said, it is just a cultural matter, so we have to follow the rules or custom when we go to the other d?j?. But it?d better for us to have our own custom for our own d?j?.

In my dojo I don't make any rules for how girls should sit but everyone has to sit by rank. So we treat everyone in the same manner, and we appreciate their hard work at their own level.

So make or discuss your own d?j? custom that you feel the best.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for sharing your point of view. It is like most of my students are older than I am. They call me sensei and show me respect.  It does not mean I treat them without respect.

They are older and they have more life experience than I do. They listen to me in kendo and I listen to them when they give me personal advice for my life.

The key word is RESPECT here, I think :)

Oct 16, 2009
What about ?special? guests of a dojo?
by: Olga

What about "special" guests of a dojo?

Thank you for answering and sharing your opinion.

What about "special" guests of a dojo?

For example, if we invite a sensei to visit us and hold a seminar. Should that sensei follow our dojo rules and let us line up according to our rules? Or should we change our rules for the time of a seminar and line up other way if he tells us to do so?

Kendo-Guide.Com: As long as he/she sits on the kamiza said of the dojo, he/she won't get offended. Mind you though. There are different ways in Japan too, so some sensei may tell you what to do. In that case, follow what he/she says and politely ask questions such as what you guys really should do. The more you ask, the better you get what is the best way not to offend many (if any).

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