Seiza problems

by Paul David

Hi sensei, I have a question, I have a right knee condition on which I couldn't flex my legs fully to do seiza, my problem is wearing the bogu, on which you need to be in seiza position, are there any alternative positions that I can wear the bogu not on seiza position? Thank you.

Answer: Thank you for your question! And also thank you for having asked me at my YouTube Channel too! I know you got your answer in the video, so this is for other people.

The quick answer to this question is that you don’t need to sit in seiza when you cannot. You have a knee issue so you cannot physically bend your knees.

Instead of bending your knees, you can keep them straight but knees on the floor. Some people don’t sit at all.

Again, if you can’t physically sit in seiza, you don’t have to.

Hope this helps!

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