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Jan 06, 2016
You are not too old
by: Frank

Hi Toni,

1st you are not too old for kendo. I started with 48 and - now after two years - I'm on 3rd kyu (two to go for dan)

What I will not hide - Kendo training is not a children’s birthday party - it is a full contact sport and it is really hard work.

But for that work you'll learn a lot about yourself and you'll develop confidence and strength.

You learn that even - when it hurts in playing kendo - is not essential - you'll learn the art of fight.

All the best Frank

Dec 29, 2015
yes you can
by: pe

Hi there. I can't answer to all of your questions but I will tell you my story.

I'm 25year old female who practice kendo for 4 months, so I’m a newbie. I feel kind of lost for a quite a time now in life and I must say that kendo help me to "see the light".

The beautiful thing about kendo is that you can learn and improve no matter the age. When you start doing kendo soon you will find you can apply the philosophy on your private life and things could get a lot easier in life.

Because of kendo I found my inner peace and steady mind. And the bonus is you get excited before every session because you will know you shall learn something new every time!

Hope this helps.



Dec 29, 2015
by: Peter

Mate, it's simple. You are never too old. 18s a great age to start. Kendo will provide everything you're after, I can guarantee.

But don't ask, just try it. Visit different dojo, ask around and meet people in the clubs. Then make up your mind.

Good luck with your journey

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