What Samurai Manga do I Recommend?

A samurai manga I recommend is called Vagabond . Why do I recommend this manga?

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Have you heard of the name, Musashi Miyamoto? He is one of the greatest samurai in Japan.

He wrote "Gorin no Sho" a.k.a. The Book of Five Rings. He is also a founder of Niten Ichi Ryu.

If you know him, probably you know Eiji Yoshikawa, a novelist.

He wrote a novel called "Miyamoto Musashi" probably in English it is called "Musashi".

This is one fine novel that makes you regret (or happy?) to live in this modern society.

It excites you and makes you to do some more kendo.

Vagabond is based on the novel written by Eiji Yoshikawa, "Musashi". I read the novel, so I know the manga is not far off the novel.

Actually it is very loyal to the novel. That is partly why it makes you so excited to see the drawings.

If you are a manga person, read this manga. It makes you really want to get into the way of the sword. Unlike the novel, it has some humor. For some it may be a turn-off but for me humor is a good aspect of the manga.

I strongly recommend this manga. You will like it!

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