rudeness in kendo training

I sometimes have to take charge in our kendo training when our sensei is busy because I'm highest ranking senior in our dojo.

The problem is when I try to teach kendo some of the kendoka interrupt when I am giving instruction and another person rolls their eyes when I am pointing out something that they are not doing correctly.

It is difficult to give good lessons to the other people who want to learn when this is happening. What should I do to fix this?

Answer: Thank you for your post. I thought I replied to your question but obviously not. I am so sorry for the delay of my response.

If you are appointed by your sensei, you are an acting sensei. So you should act like a sensei too.

If they are rude, you should tell them off. You must teach them manners/etiquettes. It is not only kendō I am talking about. I tell to not yawn in class.

I remember when I first started instructing. I could not be as rigid as I am now. Also you need to be brave to tell your kendō mates off. But you have to do what you have to do, right?

Also you should ask someone to support you too. You do not have to do this all alone. If someone talks over you, you can tell him/her to explain. Then you can add to it after he/she is done explaining.

Be more confident. You are the chosen one ;)

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