Rigth Hand Katate-Men

by Ernesto

During Shiai, while I'm in Jodan, is a right handed katate men allowed/valid?

Answer: Thank you for your question.

Allowed or not. It is allowed.

Valid or not. Probably you won’t get a point.

There is no reason why it should not be valid if you can perform ki ken tai icchi. If you think about nitō, it is obvious. Sei nitō (daitō in the right hand) has to get a valid point, right?

Since jōdan’s main strike is executed by the left hand (or both hands), it is quite unlikely the right handed strikes are considered to be valid. But like I said, it should be if you execute such strike with ki ken tai icchi.

Even so, you should not complain about why you cannot get points in shiai. After all, you are not doing ken for points, right? If you want to get a valid cut, you have to make sure that your cuts are considered to be valid no matter what. That is not a problem of shinpan but of those who executes cuts.

Hope this helps.

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