Right-Handed Kendo

by James

What do you mean by you Kendo becoming right-handed?

What is the problem with right-handed Kendo?
How can I avoid it?

Answer: It means your right hand is stronger than the left hand while the left hand should be the power hand.

When people lift their shinai up and swing it down with using the right hand, it is called the right-handed kendo. I might have to call it the right hand oriented kendo. This tends to occur to those who are right handed.

If the right hand is too strong, it is hard for you to acquire techniques and you will find it very hard to improve your kendo. It is hard to maintain your strike straight, too.

To avoid this problem….We have to pay attention to our strikes all the time. We have to be aware of how we are striking. Concentrate on the left hand more than the right hand. Lift your shinai with your left hand rather than pulling the shinai up with the right hand. Relax the right hand, arm and shoulder when striking.

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