Reasons to Practice Kendo?

Kendo seems interesting, but I just want to know why someone would learn it? There is a lot of easier ways to defend yourself, but why kendo, and the way of the sword?

Answer: Thank you for your question. I know there are many different reasons why people do kendo. So I will share what I think here. There is a section called, Benefits of Kendo. Please go and read what others think too.

Kendo does not teach how to defend yourself but how to keep yourself out of troubles. Of course, if you want to know how to defend yourself when you are robbed, kendo won’t do much for you.

Through kendo you can learn yourself. Kendo training is very hard. Many people quit because they cannot catch up. Why so hard? It is because you are training yourself. Unlike those sports that have professionals, we cannot earn money by doing kendo. But we train hard so people do not see the point of hard training. It is simple. Train ourselves.

Kendo does not teach how to cheat in kendo matches.
Kendo teaches how to live fair and squire with honesty.
Kendo teaches how to fight your laziness.
Kendo teaches the process of successful life.
Kendo teaches how to respect others
Kendo teaches how to live with dignity.

Why can kendo teach those? Because

Kendo is derived from samurai swordsmanship.
Samurai lived with dignity, honesty, discipline, respect and love.

Kendo carries the samurai teachings, which samurai learned from dead-or-alive situations.

Once you see and understand these values of kendo, you cannot live without it like me and others :)

Hope this helps.

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