Rank necessary for various high level competitions

by Karim
(Lucerne, Switzerland)

I would like to know which are the minimum rank requisites (if any) for the higher competitions like

- the All-Japan Championship,
- the Japanese High-School-Championship,
- the Japanese University championship,
- the World championship,
- the European championship and others...

Thank you very much!


Answer: Thank you for your question. These are subject to change so I strongly suggest that you should check with the organizations every year. And I am sure only members of each organization can participate in its tournament. But the followings are what I can tell you.

For the All Japan Championship, there is no minimum rank required. But the competitors must be over twenty years old (Ref: The 63rd All Japan Kendo Championship Outline).

For All Japan High School Championships, I cannot tell you for sure but I believe there is no dan restriction. You just have to be a high school student and of course you have to belong to All Japan High School Athletic Federation ( Kendo Section).

For All Japan University championships, I couldn’t find any information on that but I guess that you have to be a University student and belong to University Kendo Federation of Japan.

For the World championship, I believe there is no dan restriction. Not sure.

For the European championship and others, not sure. Maybe there are some categories by ranks. But please ask these federations directly.

Hope this helps.

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