Question about Kendo Equipment in Black

by Peter

Hello, first congratulations on this great and very informative Site... Great Work, thank you...

Here is my Question, most Kendo Men, here in Germany are Blue with Red in the Men. I would like to buy a complete Black Armor? Including Men, Kote, Do and Tare.

Does anything speak against it? Can you recommend a shop, with complete black armor?

Please advise. Thank you ...

Answer: Thank you for your kind words and question. You mean the inside of the men is red? And you want black in the inside of the men instead of red? If so, I really don’t recommend that.

As far as I remember, I think it was prohibited to use in official tournaments. The reason is that your opponent couldn’t see your face, or something like that.

But I read this somewhere long time ago so I am not sure if it is prohibited in tournaments or not. So you should ask your teacher.

As long as your teacher tells you it is OK, I don’t really see any problem. But I personally don’t recommend those bōgu in black. I am sorry that I really don’t know any shops.

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