Zanshin After Striking

Probably many people have some difficulty to take zanshin after striking. Here is a question I received.

Q. I do not know the right way of the Zanshin, I wonder if you could give a better explanation about it explaining all the manners after striking kote men or do.

A. Have you read the article, How Do I Apply Kendo Teachings to My Daily Life? This is about Zanshin.

However, I think you are asking me how you should take zanshin in kendo, right? Ok, here it is.

Basically, whatever you strike, after your strike you have to take chudan. If you cannot take chudan soon after your strike, that is fine.

Sometime you just cannot take chudan because after striking men (or other targets) you get close to your opponent. So you just cannot take chudan.

If we cannot take chudan, then how do we take zanshin?

Simply be aware of your opponent. Do not loose eye contact. Do not look away.

You should be able to counterattack or react to your opponent anytime after you execute a strike. That is zanshin.

If you pass through your opponent after striking men, kote, or do, pass through fast so that your opponent cannot get you and turn around and take chudan.

This is a basic form of zanshin.

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