Challenge others in Kendo

The more we improve our kendo, the more we want to challenge others. This is human nature. We want to compete or do not want to lose. That is fine.

But we do not want to fight others to prove that we are better than them or to prove that we are stronger than them.

More importantly, it is important for us to control our emotional side, especially temper.

Q. Is there a way to challenge other dojos or people to a kendo match?

A. No. We do not do that anymore. Why do you want to fight against others?

Please think kedno as a way, not a part of samurai movie.

I forgot to tell you something.

We do not go and start a fight, but we ask others to train with us.

This is the difference between the old style fighting techniques when people used to kill each other and kendo.

So please do understand what the way is.

I recieved an answer from the person who asked the question above.

"You asked me why I wanted to fight others, my answer is because the people I would like to fight insulted my technique and my sensei! I know that martial artist are not suppose to do that anymore but some times we should."

Here is my answer.

"I am sorry to hear what happened to you. However, do you consider them as kendoists?

People like them should not considered as kendoists. We, kendoists, do not insult others.

Please do not be like them. Once you get better and stronger than them, they will know that they should shut up.

You do not have to go and start a fight with them to prove that you are better and stronger than you. All you have to do is to train with them and they will know. So they will shut up.

If they are not kendoists, then ignore them.

I get all sorts of racial insults but do you think I should challenge them? Do you think I should go out there with my bokuto and beat the crap out of them?

Then what happens?

Do you think this is the way?

I know you are furious, but the most important thing in kendo is to train yourself and focus on yourself.

I just received a new email from you.

"is there any way we could help people with our skills anymore?"

Do you know kata no.3?

It does not kill or hurt uchitachi at the end. All shitachi does is to point the tip of bokuto at the bridge of nose telling uchitachi, "If you try to kill me now, I can kill you right away. But I will not kill you so live with and help others."

This is kata No.3.

We learn how to control our mind, emotion and also body through kendo in order to reach the level of shitachi in Kata No.3. That is "we do not kill or hurt others".

We are trying to reach that level through kendo. By doing so, we become better individuals whom others cannot insult or make fun of because they just cannot.

I really understand how furious you are. I often times feel the same way whenever I get racial insults. But I try not to choose a way that throws me out of "the way".

Only way that we can help others is to follow what we learn form kendo and we become role models for them.

That is how I think.

Let's change the world!

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