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Sep 25, 2019
In Reply to Loumido
by: Kendo-Guide.Com

Thanks for your explanation, Loumido.

Hmm. I am not sure why they are touching their nose on the floor and why they are bowing to their teachers during training.

I am sure they are bowing to their teachers (zarei: sitting bow) asking them to teach.

So you want to know why they bow to their teachers in their sitting position?

If your sensei is standing and when you ask them for their advice, you bow in your standing position.

If your sensei is sitting, you sit and ask for their teachings.

It is Japanese culture.

Hope this helps.

Sep 20, 2019
by: Loumido

By prosternation, I mean people are in front of their teacher, sitting on the floor and they have to bow ( the nose seems to touch the floor..)..does it have a religious meaning?? It sounds to be in the middle of the training... but I do know when exactly they have to do it...

Thanks for trying to answer to me...

Kind regards

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