Problems with my Obi!

I've been attending classes for a few weeks now and my greatest enemy is my uniform! Namely, my obi.

I don't have much of a figure. In fact, I'm pretty much a line. My obi tends to ride up during practice, making it loose and unable to hold my sword securely. Is there any way for me to keep it tighter so as not to have it ride up? It's becoming a huge problem.

Answer: Thank you for your question. Obi as in Japanese kimono belt? Or himo of hakama?

Either case, when you put them on, suck in your stomach so you can tighten them a bit better. But I think the way you tie obi or hakama is causing it. I see many people tie himo of men, hakama, do and so forth and I came to a conclusion that they do not know how to make a bow that won’t get loosen easily.

For hakama, please take a look at two different ways to make a bow.

If you do this, it will get loose easily. So you should not do this in kendo.

If you do this, it will get tight.

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