Practicing footwork at home

by Mitch S

Hello, Hiro (I hope this is not too informal, sensei seems a bit much seeing as I've only just started learning about kendo and do not know you personally). First off, thank you for all the wonderful resources you have provided for everyone through your website, book, newsletter and many videos.

I am having a great time learning all I can from you while in lockdown and hope to find a dojo once things reopen.

In regards to practising at home. My house is mostly carpet and I'm finding it hard to get the basic sliding movements down on it. is there some kind of mat or other floor covering you could recommend making learning easier or is it simply a matter of practice?

Thank you for your time.


Answer: First of all, I am sorry for the delay in my reply, Mitch. And thank you for your kind words.

On the carpet, you probably want to wear a pair of socks. That way, you can probably slide better. When you get the hang of it, you can slide on pretty much on any surface with bare feet. Of course, if you can have a wooden floor, that is the best but you’ve got to practice, right?

So do what you can do and when you have a chance to practice footwork, you can do so on the wooden floor.

Hope this helps!

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