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Mar 02, 2016
Swinging with the left hand only, then adding the right hand
by: Julien

Hi Alyson, and Hi Hiro Sensei !

I practice at home all the time, sitting in Seiza because of the ceiling.

If you want to stop using your right hand too much, I'll tell you what I do :

· I do a first series of five swings in slow motion, with only one hand (the left one).

· I then add another series of five swings in slow motion, using both hands and keeping in mind what my Sensei told me:

The left hand holds the handle of an umbrella. The right hand holds an egg. I think it is a Japanese saying but I'm not sure at all :)

· Finally, I do another series of ten swings, using both hands and at normal speed.

And I repeat the whole thing!

Since it helped me a lot, it might help you too!

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you, Julien! Great tip! I hope many people share your tip with others!

About the umbrella. That is to avoid the punching fists so it applies to both hands. And about the egg. That is how softly you should grab your sword with the right hand.

Thank you again, Julien!

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