Possible for a mom with 2 Kids to practise kendo?

by Leila

I want to start kendo but I'm a mom of 2 kids. Do you think this would benefit me or take up too much time?

Answer: Thank you for your question and taking time to write here. I can help you with that :)

· I am married with 2 children; one 6 years old daughter and 3 years old son.

· I work from home and my wife teaches at university.

· We share household tasks and help each other.

· Two kendo training per week regularly

· Try to be with family over the weekend

Everyone lives differently. But family comes first and especially when your children are small. They need parents and we should be there for them.

It benefits you but you need to have assistance from your family members.

When I am out there doing kendo, my wife is mainly taking care of our children. When she cannot, her side of family is. Since my family is in Japan, we have to rely on my wife’s family. So I really want to ask their assistance for urgent matters or emergency.

Kendo really teaches you how to control yourself and teachings of kendo are wisdom from ancient Japanese warriors, samurai.

I am sure it will release your stress too, if you have :) Not only a good exercise but you shout a lot. That is a great stress release. And the louder is better in kendo so no one thinks you are crazy but enthusiastic.

Always family first. Once you get understandings from your family, go for it!

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