Other experience need to do kendo?

by Annie

Do I need experience in (for example) in martial arts or any other fighting style?

Answer: Good question! Thank you for asking this question. The answer is NO. You do not need any experience in any other martial arts or any other fighting styles. Here are the reasons…

1. You have nothing to interfere to learn kendo movements

2. Your body tends to move as instructed

If you have experience in some other fighting styles especially Japanese martial arts, it of course will help you in many ways; for example, martial arts terminology, helping you to learn kendo movements, manners/etiquette at the dojo and so forth.

What I realize through my experience of instructing kendo is that it is not what you have done in the past to learn kendo quickly but it is about how well you can control your body as instructed. So if you’re good at listening to instructions and control your body as instructed, you can improve your kendo really quickly.

Hope this helps.

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