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Nov 05, 2010
My Thoughts
by: Matt

Bow order is a dojo to dojo thing. I know this especially well since I often travel to visit different dojo. At MSU both before and after practice the order is shomen, sensei, otagai.

The explanation I was always given is the bow to shomen is not necessarily religious, in our case is showing respect to MSU for providing us with a place to practice, as well as a bow of respect to the kenshi from waseda who founded the dojo, without them we would not have our dojo.

Sensei is a bow of respect to the teachers, but also showing respect for the sensei's sensei (if that makes sense) for teaching your teacher and helping them spread kendo.

Otagai is self explanatory, we cannot practice kendo well by ourselves and it is thanking our dojo mates for showing up so that we have a partner to practice with.

Thanks as always. Nothing to add. I like how you guys pay respect to the past too. Very Japanese and yes, I quite agree with that. Without the past, we are not hear so we should pay respect our ancestors. I will use that explanation!

Cheers, mate!

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