One handed strikes?

I have gotten into the habit of hitting one handed (right hand) Do ALOT.  It seems easier to use from a variety of positions and is seemingly much harder for my opponent to block. 

Is this legal? 
My strikes are hitting but how can I make them count as a point? Finishing form and etc.

Answer: Thank you for your post.  I am sure many others are wondering about that.

Illegal or not?

It is not illegal.

Can it be valid?

Theoretically yes but probably very rare.

Is it OK to do it often?


How to take zanshin?

Same as one handed (left) men.

As you mentioned, strikes with only the right hand tends to be a hit.  It does not seem to have the enough power to be valid if you compare that with both handed strikes.

You can probably hit anywhere only with the right hand easily.  When you get close, you can let go your left hand and just hit your opponent’s men.

It is just a hit not a cut. 

It is the same reason why strikes of kodachi (short sword) of nito are not considered to be valid, unless they are really awesome cuts.  

I suggest learning strikes with both hands more.  Forget about one handed strikes with the right hand until you become 7th or 8th dan.

Don’t just do it because it seems harder for your opponent to block.  
You can learn a lot more from your opponents if you challenge your opponents. If you opponent is good at blocking men, strike his/her men.  If your opponent is good at striking kote, let him/her strike your kote.

You will learn from such training. Trust me!

Hope this helps.

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