Occurrence in shiai

by Olga

Sometimes in shiai one opponent (A) sticks to another (opponent B) leaving no chance for opponent B to attack, maybe except hiki waza.

I mean most of the shiai time trying to be in tsubazeriai. When opponent B tries to increase the distance, the opponent A does not accept it and goes closer. But it is still not the situation when referees suspend the match.

Can you please advise what opponent B can do in order to increase the distance? Please describe different options. Thank you!

Answer: It is a difficult situation because one does not want to let you do anything. All you can do is to move around and/or push and pull your hands in tsubazeri-ai against your opponent’s hands to make an opening to strike.

When I was a child, I was told not to be in tsubazeri-ai a lot. That means as soon as we get close, we do taiatari and execute hiki-waza.

So if you do not want your opponent to do that again, next time you get close, you should execute taiatari.

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May 03, 2013
It's in the rulebook
by: Cailin Coilleach

If you refer to article 16 of the subsidiary rules for kendo shiai, you will find:

"Prohibited acts prescribed in Article 17, Item 7 of the Regulations shall include the following:
6. Intentionally wasting time; or
7. Doing unfair Tsuba-zeriai or strike/thrust."

Meaning, that the shinpan are allowed to declare hansoku against your opponent if they find that he/she is stick in tsubazeriai, simply to waste your time.

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