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Apr 27, 2009
Video showing how
by: Matt

Sensei, could you make a video showing how to tie an obi for kendo? I've been interested in trying this for some additional back support to what the hakama provides but have never found a good resource on how to wear one.

Kendo-Guide.Com: OK. I cannot promise when but I will. I have never learned how with sensei telling me step by step. My way of learning is ?watch and learn?.

So my way is pretty much my own way. Hope it helps you a while before you learn the proper way :)

Feb 27, 2009
Obi Usage
by: John M.

Masahiro' comments and experience concerning obi usage are pretty much my own. I don't usually use an obi for kendo but of course do use one for Iai. Some do and some don't; and probably from what I can recall, a lot do not. But it's a personal thing, I'm guessing.

Sometimes, when I teach an Iaido class before a kendo class, and I don't put on a different hakama and keikogi I keep my obi on for the kendo class, but in this case I use a lighter type of obi then my normal one which I prefer but is much thicker.

Actually I know of some Japanese people who like wearing obi so much, that they wear an obi with their western clothing. It seems it does come down to personal choice.

Kendo-Guide.Com:Thank you for your comment. I did not know there were people who wore an obi with western clothing. Thanks for an interesting input.

Your story reminds me of a cloth called "sarashi". There is a cloth called "sarashi", which was used to wear under kimono (sarashi's actual meanings is bleached cloth). Now you can see people who wear sarashi at Japanese summer festivals when they wear traditional festival wears.

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