Nutritional aspect of Kendo Training?

by María Teresa Noguera
(Corrientes, Argentina)

Dear Imafuji Sensei,

I would like to know if there is any special care regarding nutrition if one is training at competitive level.

I am asking this because I heard that, for example, 1000 suburi and 1000 haya suburi per day is a benchmark for a kenshi.

So, does it count as high performance sport? Should one follow the same kind of nutritional programs like athletes do?

Thank you in advance and best regards,

María Teresa

Answer.: María, thank you for your question and sorry for my delayed response.

You are asking about nutrition, right? Food and drink, right? I am not sure about those. You should ask professional about nutrition for athletes. I am sure it is different from a country to a country.

If you are an athlete or not, as long as you do some exercise very hard, you need to recover from it. If you know what to eat/drink before and after training, that will help you to recover and become stronger.

You should ask around if you can get some professional opinion about what you should eat/drink to recover from training and become stronger.

Sorry I cannot help you with this topic.

Good luck!!

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