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Aug 26, 2010
To the guy who mentioned about Musashi-kai
by: Anonymous

Well, if Musashi Kai is in Japanese, you could download google chrome. It translates every website that's in a different language.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for your post!

Just so everyone knows. Using translation software, any kinds, helps you but it gets always wired if you want to translate these specialised articles such as kendo.

But if you have no choice, you must use something available. The best way is to ask your teachers/senpai or here.

Aug 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yes, I'm afraid Musashikai internet Dojo is Japanese only...


Well, people often use this kamae against nito, I'm afraid I can't give that much advice I'm still a beginner myself!

If its ok, you can ask your question in the musashikai forum, Japanese would be perfect, but easy English should be ok too!

It takes more time, but you can join the Musashi-kai fan site on facebook. Discuss your question with nito ryu users from all over the world, and i will send your question to musashi-kai members directly.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for your post! Musashi kai has a good website and I always go there to learn about nito.

Aug 24, 2010
nito ryu tactics
by: Anonymous

I practice nito ryu in Tokyo, and first of all, even if you hear it from everywhere:

Imafuji sensei is right. Learning nito ryu without a nito ryu sensei is very difficult.

Of course it's sad, because there are not many nito ryu sensei outside of Japan. We also have not many in Japan!

It's hard to explain tactics via the internet. I recommend you to visit the Musashi-kai homepage and use the internet dojo.

There you can exchange with experienced nito players.

I'm not that experienced myself, but Imafuji sensei is right! The shoto is very important. Shoto makes seme. Seme is very important for nito player.

Don't just stay at on position just because you have a strong defense! Try to step forward slowly! Count to 5 and step, again count to 5 and step.

Be offensive, even if it's easy to stay defensive with nito! I will write other types soon, hope I could help a little bit!

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your great information.

Now I could not find Musashi-Kai Internet Dojo in English, but in Japanese. I found some English pages but not the Internet Dojo.

Maybe English version will be coming soon or maybe there is but I could not find it.

I hope the person who left this comment give advice to a question: nito against seigan.

Aug 23, 2010
Seigan no Kamae
by: Anonymous

So, what if the one sword user is using seigan no kamae against nito? what should I do?

Kendo-Guide.Com: That's the beauty of kendo, isn't it? We have to think! Also I do not really take nito I do not have a good answer for it.

However, what I would do is to learn very sharp angled katate-kote and execute it like hidari jodan. Also learn to strike a straight katate men and execute it a lot.

By doing so, my opponent's hands will become higher to prepare for my men and kote strikes. Then I will strike do.

I will have my kodachi a bit higher and carefully angled so it is hard for them to strike my kote.

I do not know if those work but I would do many kinds of experiments and find out what works and what doesn't.

Aug 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yes, I do have a teacher, but we have a significant language barrier...

Kendo-Guide.Com: I understand. It is always hard when it comes down to such a communication problem.

Kendo relies on experiences a lot. It is very hard for even the Japanese to teach other Japanese in Japanese!

As we say in kendo and other "dos", we have to "steal" techniques. Thus, watch his movements carefully when he teaches you.

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