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May 09, 2010
Follow up
by: Karla

Thank you for your response!
I've been able to be in bogu more regularly now (pretty much every class) and I'm getting used to it. My sensei has told me my bogu fits correctly. And I learned VERY quickly to stand up straight after receiving a couple of blows to the back of the head!

I'm much more comfortable but I've noticed that there are a couple of members who do seem to hit very hard, hard enough that the shinai seems to 'go through' the men (like it feels like it's hitting my skull directly).

And some others seem to still hit me at the back of the head even when I stand up straight, I believe it's because they are not hitting using the tip and because they are so much taller than me it curves in and hits the back of my head. I'm still not sure what to do in these situations, other than get used to it.

I really do like bogu so far though!

Kendo-Guide.Com: It sounds like that people are hitting you in chika-ma (close distance).  If you think they are hitting the back of your head, you should take a step backwards so they will strike the right part of your men with the right part of their shinai (monouchi).

Hope this helps.  

May 07, 2010
Pain fades
by: Tony

I know your pain, literally.

At first it was unbearable, and 8 others in my class stopped kendo due partly to this, but I took it as a challenge and (mostly) took it in stride.  Then your forearms and armpits/ribs toughen and it hurts MUCH less, though I still don't do kendo without a kote-pad. 

The men strike improves a little if you put it on properly facing slightly down and not too tight (gravity makes those two relate, a loose men drops a bit and lifts the protection).

Then comes the philosophical part.  The pain is a mere reflection of what just happened: you have been killed in a single strike.  It's not like a computer game where you die 70 times and lose your patience at worst. 

Here you have been defeated, killed and all you got is a little pain.  If you learn to appreciate it as a token symbol of your death and defeat you turn that negative energy into learning.

That said, when you have someone hitting you too hard (using right hand) or where you have no armour then do complain and demand a beer after practise to soothe your wounds...I promise you'll mind it less.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for the post.  I like those two parts most.

*  you turn that negative energy into learning

* demand a beer after practise to soothe your wounds

Mate, you know how kendo works ;)

Apr 26, 2010
Talk to your sensei
by: Matt

You need to speak with a sensei or sempai about it.

If the bogu does not fit correctly, we cannot help you as we cannot see how you are wearing it. Since you are new in bogu even you don't really know how it?s supposed to feel like.

Your sensei or sempai should be able to tell you if it fits correctly, if you are wearing/tying it correctly, or if you are receiving correctly.

Kendo-Guide.Com: True. Make sure you stand up straight though! Don?t ever show the top of your head!

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