Name of a new dojo

by Dan

Hi Sensei Hiro,

First of all thank you for the info about "Men-Nari".

I and other three of my friends want to open a new dojo of kendo in our city.

In front not to do some mistake with the name of the dojo I need your help to know if the name are correct and right for a kendo club.

The Bushidō code virtues are :

• Righteousness, Integrity (義, gi?)

• Benevolence, Compassion (仁, jin?)

• Heroic Courage (勇, yū?)

• Respect (礼, rei?)

• Honesty and Sincerity (誠, makoto?)

• Honour (名誉, meiyo?)

• Duty and Loyalty (忠義, chūgi?)

(勇, yū?) … “ Yu ” is one of the virtues that unites us all and that we all want.
We think to the name of our new club (dojo) to be “ YuKai “ .

My question is if the name are correct written, if the Yu and Kai can be together or must to be written separately “ Yu Kai “.

In our opinion YuKai { Yu (The courageous) and Kai(club)} represent us.
Please if possible give us even the name written in Japanese
Thank you very much for your help

Answer: Thank you for your question and sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

It should be 勇会. If your browser is not showing the Japanese, please let me know.

Good luck!

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