My men gets loose

by Jesse Bentvelzen
(The Netherlands)

I've trained a few times in bogu now, but I can't seem to tie my men tight enough. (It doesn't seem too big as my senpai is able to tie it right for me).

When I try to tie it I make a regular bow like I’m supposed to, but I think I lose some of the tightness when making the actual knot/tie. Is there some technique for this or do I tie my men the wrong way?

Kind regards,

Answer: Thank you for your question. To keep the tightness, hold the himo close to the tie with one hand and with the other hand make a loop. The himo should not get loose easily if you hold the himo close to the knot and keep pulling the himo with one hand. It is hard to explain so I will make a video just to show that part.

Thanks for asking and sorry for the delay of my reply. But now I am going to make a video thanks to you!

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