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Dec 01, 2016
Thanks for the Answer!
by: Lucas

Thank you for your answer Imafuji-sensei.

I was trying to understand more about the Mushin in the hope this would improve my performance in Jigeiko. Now it's just looked too naive hahaha.

I am still a little lost as what to think during jigeiko. As recommended for beginners, I could just strike without thinking too much, but then I just go straight into their shinai. So I try to apply shikake waza (as osae waza), but then my kendo becomes reactive as I often am too late to perceive if I have chuushin (in fact I don't even know when chuushin is mine).

In the end I find myself unable to attack in sutemi as I am constantly in doubt of my techniques. What sensei would recommend to me? Strike in sutemi, even if I would meet their shinai? Or go into an attack with a (flexible) strategy set in mind beforehand?

Answer: Thank you for your question. I know how frustrated you are. But I must tell you this.

If you are not at a dan level, you should focus on executing strikes without worrying about many other things.

I understand that many people want to "hit" a target when they strike but that not very important especially at kyu levels.

You must focus on executing good strikes that you learn at the basic training, which are
keeping your sword in the centre,
having and learning the correct distance for you,
keeping your body straight,
keeping your sword straight,
deriving body forward,
moving toward your opponent,
completing your strike followed by zanshi

It is normal that you cannot strike a target easily unless motodachi lets you. So do not think about striking the target too much. Hitting a target is just a result.

Focus on executing a good strike. Just think only that. Fulfill your mind with only that. That will leads you to the state of "zanmai".

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