Movements between techniques during exam

by Olga

During grading exam what kind of movements should we take between techniques: we should move evenly and calmly or as quickly as possible?

I mean for example when we perform tobikomi men passing through the opponent and then we have to go back to the center of exam area to appear in front of the committee should we go back really quickly (run back) or go with kigurai (not slow but not running)?

Answer: I am sure there is a guy who tells you to start and stop, just like a shinpan (referee) but does not judge valid points.  We usually start and stop our kendo as this guy tells us to do so.

When we go back to the center, that means this guy stopped us i.e. he/she called yame. Please do not stop and go back to the center unless this guy calls yame.

Now there are no such instructions on this one. So this is my personal opinion, OK? I strongly suggest checking with your sensei.

I do not think it is not necessary for you to run back to the center. Also do not take too long to go back to the center. Just walk back at your normal walking speed.

Just for your reference. This is a 3rd dan exam I found on youtube.  This is a 6th dan exam also found on youtube.

They do not run back but relatively quickly.

Hope this helps.

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