Motodachi work without bogu

by Olga

When you train without bogu and your partner strikes men, what way you have to place your shinai (with both hands on tsuka) to allow kakarite strike correctly?

- holding shinai almost parallel to the floor

- holding shinai diagonally (like you are ready to counterattack), in this case a partner's shinai bounces diagonally and if it is nidan waza then second strike is made with incorrect trajectory. But in the first variant it is hard to think about counterattack if we should...

So what way is correct?

Answer: Thanks for your question.

Both fine. But you have to make sure whom you are a motodachi (receiver) for.

If your kakarite (striker) is really a beginner, then the first thing you have to think about is how they can learn the form correctly. So the second one in your list is not a good method for beginners.

To receive kote oyobi men strike (big kote men strike),

* The motodachi's shinai parallel to the floor with both hands on tsuka.

1. Take chūan so kakarite knows the correct distance

2. Take a step to the right with your shinai at the kote height.

3. After kakarite strikes kote, take a step backwards for kakarite to strike men.

By motodachi stepping to the right, kakarite can pass through straight.

Hope this helps.

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