by Eff
(Malaysia )

Dear Sensei, I discovered Kendo a long time ago and I've always interested in martial arts. I haven't started my learning yet, but I really want to if I had chance.

But, one thing is I’m a little shy and afraid of how the training would be. I watched a few videos on Kendo practices and games and I think it's so amazing.

Would you like to share a little of your motivation? I'll engrave it in my head, like forever. :)

Answer: Thank you for posting! When you start something, you should be afraid, because you don’t really know what’s going to happen to you! But that’s why it is so exciting, right?

After one year, I will be putting a set of kendo armour on. And you are practicing with other people. You learn so many things not only movements but also teachings passed on from Japanese samurai warriors.

You will feel more confident and more energetic.

If you want, you can be one of these people who gain confidence and energy from learning kendo. I know a lot of people like that.

Hope this helps!

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