Men-Do: how not to hit do with a shinai center

by Olga

During Men-Do technique if motodachi moves back not quickly enough after a Men strike kakarite may appear too close to strike Do correctly.

Should kakarite stop himself in this case after a Men strike and wait until motodachi moves on correct distance? Or should motodachi be quicker in this technique? That is about keiko.

If such situation occurs during grading (motodachi moves slowly) what has kakarite do?

Answer:  If you are practicing men-do strikes, then motodachi (receiver)should receive properly. It is motodachi’s job to adjust the distance between motodachi and kakarite (striker) so kakarite can learn strikes in the correct distance.

Motodachi is not a hitting dummy so it is very important for motodachi to do his/her job.

Having said that, it is also important for kakarite to know his/her own ma-ai. Therefore, kakarite also has to be aware of the distance.

If kakarite thinks it is too close but the motodachi does not adjust, kakarite should adjust. We should be flexible like that.

In promotion exams (grading), it is a judgment call.  Please refer to “What if motodachi fails during grading exam?

Hope this helps!

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Aug 17, 2010
Step right
by: Matt

If the motodachi is too close for do you can adjust your distance by changing how much you step to the right. Being able to adjust your distance in this manner is also important for some ojiwaza.

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