Meaning of the Way:
What is the Way?

do kanji, Japanese character for do, michi kanji, Japanese character for michi

Kendo, judo, iaido, shodo (calligraphy), sado (the tea ceremony) and on and on and on...

"Do" (doh) in Japanese is "the way," and you may be more familiar with "Tao," the Chinese word for "do." Do is the way.

If we want to think "the way" as a method to discipline ourselves, we are on the right track.

As you can see, we have a lot of ways to discipline ourselves. It is not only martial arts but also calligraphy and the tea ceremony.

In English as well, a "discipline" can mean a particular area of study. Funny enough, Japanese consider (at least used to) academic subjects as "the way".

When you attain the ultimate in anything, you are considered as a master. The top of the world!

As in the article, "Meaning of Dojo," the dojo can be anywhere as long as we discipline ourselves. It is not only martial arts that can help us to improve ourselves.

Remember that the way is to improve oneself, so we do not judge others. We can give others advice and help each other. Moreover, judging and criticising others are not included in the way.

Let's worry about ourselves and if we think others are doing something wrong, simply talk to them.

Be humble and thoughtful and caring. Of course, tough love is necessary.

But if we just hurt others to make ourselves look better or feel better, it is not the way.

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