Mature Kendoist

by Santiago B. Tejada
(Margate, FL USA)

Any learning that you acquire for free from someone who has lived the experience of life is life given to you as well.

Noma Hisashi's Kendo Reader more than just some reading about Kendo, more than just a Kendo manual it is true essence of Kendo.

The book not only deals with basics and fundamentals but also goes far way beyond physicality and points you a path to the spirituality in the search for self-improvement.

You can only see Kendo from Noma's perspective when maturity has been reached.
Study it tirelessly.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your review. The book is very deep, isn’t it? I am 35 years old (as of Jan. 2009) but I am far from where Noma sensei was when he was 30 years old. He received a title of Kyoshi at the age of 30!

It is very hard to apply kendo teachings to kendo, so it is harder to apply them to our daily life. The way of the sword is deep and long. This book always makes me think that I need to train harder and more. Very encouraging book.

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