Maruyama Kendo Supply

by Hiro Imafuji
(Gotokukan Imafuji Dojo (Fishers, IN))

Maruyama Kendo Supply is located in Portland, OR.

Recommended by: Hiro Imafuji
Reason You Recommend: Passion about kendo and personality of the owner.

Their products and service are excellent. I truly love their shinai. Please read my comment.

Company Information from The Company:

Address of Headquarters:
11668 se masa lane
Portland OR 97086

CA show room
2107 santa cruz ave
Santa Clara CA 95051

Contact information:
Person: Jeff Chen
Phone: 503-709-1984
Contact email address: sales/at/, Jeffchen/at/
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Comments for Maruyama Kendo Supply

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Jan 03, 2013
Great service!
by: Alan

I've purchased hakama and shinai for myself from Maruyama and have been pleasantly surprised by the integrity of the owner. I brought my son to his Santa Clara show room to get a new hakama.

He looked at his current one and said suggeted that there is still quite some life left in it and suggest buying from him in another year. Now how many vendors will say that instead of making selling a priority? I've heard great reviews of his product from others in my dojo.

Sep 05, 2011
Good Product
by: Anonymous

I trust Maruyama Kendo Supply. Their product?s quality is good. I saw their product and soon I ordered one from them :)

Apr 17, 2010
I highly recommend Maruyama Kend
by: Hiro Imafuji

* 5th dan in kendo
* Product/s You Purchased: Shinai, bokuto, keikogi
* Rate the product/s: 4
* Rate the service: 5
* Do you recommend this shop to your friend?: yes

* Comment: I have dealt with Maruyama Kendo Supply since early 2009. I was searching a good kendo shop to purchase kendō equipment for my dōjō.

And the owner, Mr. Jeff Chen, was the nicest person that I talked to. While talking to him on the phone, I could tell how much he liked kendō and he would not take advantage of me.

The personality of a seller is very important for me. I talked to some people on the phone and through email, but Mr. Chen is super nice.

The 2nd most important thing is the products.

Shinai : I highly recommend shinai of Maruyama. Bamboo pieces are very nice and thick and well composed. The quality is very very good. I?ve seen shinai from other shops but so far shinai from Maruyama is best for me.

Keikogi: I purchased a thin keikogi for summer. I will order one size smaller for the next purchase. The size I purchased was a bit too big for me. (I am 5?11 (179cm) and I got size 27. I should?ve gotten 26).

Bokutō: The tsuka (grip) is the right size for kendō. Many people think bokutō are all the same but they are not. So many people have very fat tsuka or long tsuka for kendō.

However, I had one complain. The bokutō is lacquered so the tsuka gets slippery when sweat. I sandpapered the tsuka of my bokutō and it is not slippery any more.

This is why I gave "4" in the product quality.

I told Mr. Chen about it and he took my suggestion and promised me he would make sure to reduce lacquer for the next productions.

That is one of the reasons why I like Maruyama.

My review of Maruyama Kendo Supply products can be read from here.

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