by Olga

Can you please clarify term Marubashi (or marobashi, which one is correct)? What do parts of the word mean if translate from Japanese? In what way does it applied in kendo?

Thank you.

Kendo-Guide.Com:  Thank you for your post. I think you are referring to marobashi (it means rolling as in “rolling down a hill”).

Now I don’t know where you learned it from, as far as I know it is a term from Yagyū-shinkage Ryū. On their website, it is said that marobashi was the concept that invented Shinkage Ryū.

Now I am not sure if other kenjutsu schools use the same term. I knew Yagyū-shinkage Ryū used that term so I could spot it on Yagyū-shinkage Ryū’s website.

I found some websites in Japanese explaining what it is in Yagyū-shinkage Ryū. Since I do not practice the style, I should not just translate “words without knowing what it is”. 

Sorry but I cannot help you with this.

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